Content/Bounty Coin

A new paradigm for the production
of User-generated content

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A New Paradigm for the Production of User-Generated Content

Consumers use Content/Bounty Coins to set smart-contract-enabled bounties for user-generated content produced on their favorite platforms.

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A value-driven solution grounded in economic principles

The Content/Bounty Coin was designed with a value–first approach, applying fundamental economic principles to solve a concrete problem – incentivizing the sustainable production of free, user-generated content.

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Productive and Unique

Existing solutions – ads, donations and "freemium" features – fail to monetize user-generated content in a sustainable way. They inadequately reward producers and frustrate consumers.

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Seamless UX

The Network is a pure extension of platforms which millions of producers and consumers already use today.

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Permissionless Addition

Like MetaMask, the Content/Bounty Coin Network operates through browser extensions and other overlays which deliver bounty and feedback data from existing content platforms (YoutTube, GitHub) to smart contracts on the back end.

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Leveraging the full power of existing platforms

The Content/Bounty Coin Network maximizes efficiency and value-added by operating as a pure extension of existing platforms, leveraging what they already do well – storage, distribution and production tools.

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How It Works

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